Our story

Through her extensive work with urban slum communities in Kenya, Woman’s Hope founder Consolata Waithaka saw that the most vulnerable women and girls– often fell through the gaps of protection, education and empowerment.

Understanding the risk of exploitation and abuse facing urban girls in Kenya, Consolata wanted to take action. Together with friend and with the support of her co-founders, they set out to create a one-of- a-kind community for women and girls to learn, grow, and become leaders in their own right. In 2007, they launched Woman’s Hope Kenya.

Over a decade later, woman’s Hope has served thousands of women and girls through our Holistic Empowerment Model. The campaign is a celebration of 10 years of work with and for women and a call for support from friends to support us as we embark on another decade of great work.

Our anticipated impact with your support

With your support we will work to empower 400 girls to join our programs. our programs are designed to ensure that we transform the lives of women and girls living in urban slums. The programs provide a platform to educate bright but needy girls, work with young women to gain skills that prepare them for job readiness, support our women handicraft artisans and builds a movement of smart teenage girls ready to take on the world.


The run for women and girls

The run for women and girls is a campaign to raise funds for the empowerment of vulnerable girls and women living in urban slums. Above everything, we believe that when girls and women have the opportunity to learn, earn and thrive without harm, their health and well-being increases, they become empowered to make their own decisions and take control of their own lives.

With this advantage, families and communities become stronger both economically and socially, student numbers increase, agricultural productivity goes up, while rates of child marriage, teen pregnancy, and HIV/AIDS go down. To realize this ambition, our director and friends of woman’s Hope run the lewa Safaricom marathon.
By running, we hope to raise money to support our programs. we sincerely hope that every KM will be worthwhile, and we count on YOU for that!

For every kilometer we hope to raise money to sponsor 20 girls. this is an ambitious goal and we know by the end of the 21-kilometre run we will have sponsored 400 girls to join our programs.

But we cannot do it alone We need you!

You can sponsor a girl for 15,000 shilling or donate an amount that is comfortable for you to our pooled basket fund

$500 Donated: / Target: $50,000




You can join our campaign by donating to the pool or directly sponsoring a girl

Corporate groups

Our involvement with corporate groups is through campaign ambassador who talk about the campaign in their work places and rally friends and workmates to donate to have as many girls sponsored

Marching our funds

You can accelerate our campaign impact by marching the donations that have already been donated

Buy from our artisan

Our handy craft product portfolio offers a line of trend setting, women made, and products including s stylish apparel, accessories, eco-friendly bags and gift bags. Our products are made by women in need living in urban slums.

Buy a gift card

A gift card is a great way to share the awesomeness of giving to a family and friends, each gift card is custom made by girls and is a gift of a great journey to empowerment.